Top nomination, Memorabilia Liege competition, 2012

メモラビリアリエージュデザインコンペティション 2012 入賞

Teddy bear with multiple “skins”


Product Design/プロダクトデザイン




The Buddhist concept of reincarnation is there is no eternal “soul” but only a “stream of consciousness” that links life with life. A teddy would be “re-birth” as a boy grows up. He one day realizes his teddy became smaller, and asks his mother. His mother says, “Because you have grown up, my dear”. In her cupboard, she secretly keeps a “skin” of teddy with their good memories.
A boy became a man and discovers it in her cupboard, soon it brings back sweet days with his mum. Teddy is now held in small arms of his baby son…