First prize, Helen Hamlyn design for our future-selves competition 2002

ヘレンハムリンデザインコンペティション 2002 優勝

Winner, Kokuyo furniture award 2002

コクヨファニチャーアワード 2002 優勝

Product Design/プロダクトデザイン



リリパットテーブル&スツール  (小人の国のテーブルとスツール)

Table for a person wants to be alone

By seeing a series of domestic objects from Gulliver’s point of view, the project explores a new dimension in relationships between people and objects. The table is designed by two levels of perspectives, the one is on the tabletop as dinning table, and the other is as a private room in a lower level. It may be an inspirational space for a creative home worker, escaping from surroundings. Stools are equipped with hidden functions: lamp, bookshelf & radio also in the lower level.